Okay, I’m going to try and make a commitment here, which usually ends poorly for me, but I’m going to give it a go anyways.

I am going to try and post something every Sunday, at least. This will give me the week to work on it (plus the weekend where I’m not working) and hopefully by stating this on here, it will give me the drive to actually get it done.

There’s a bunch of stuff I want to talk about, but unfortunately a lot of it involves basic logic. So in addition to announcing the Sunday schedule, I’d also like to schedule my next few posts (unless something news-related comes up). I would like my next four posts will be:

  • Classical Logic III – Rules of Inference
  • Classical Logic IV – First-Order Logic
  • Set Theory I – Introduction to Sets
  • Set Theory II – Axiomatic Set Theory

With the one after that possibly being “Set Theory III – Infinite Sets”, but I might wrap that into Set Theory II.

This will allow me to move on to cooler stuff, like infinite cardinalities, enumerability (including the diagonalization argument for the non-enumerability of the reals), Turing Machines, computability (what problems can computers solve), recursive enumerability, decidability, and more. Sadly, my spell check didn’t recognize about half of those words, so clearly I must have some work to do. 😛

Anyways, hopefully that’s a taste of things to come, even if I’m just writing out into the void for my own personal amusement.


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