Celebrity Sexy Time Photos

I have a bone to pick. In the past week there’s been two stories I’ve seen about celebrities having nude photos leaked. One was about Christina Hendricks and Olivia Munn and one was about Glee’s Heather Morris. I’m not going to link to the pictures. In the first story, the two women had their phones hacked which is how the photos got out. In the Heather Morris’ case, I don’t know how the leak came about, but it doesn’t really matter.

Here’s my problem: so many people I seen keep saying the same thing, which amounts to “if you’re a celebrity, why would you take these photos knowing that they would be a target for hackers.” To the people who ask this question, I would like to say:

Fuck you.

The women in these stories (or any number of other celebrity nude “scandals”) haven’t done the slightest thing wrong. Technology has become such a key component of our every day lives and the fact of the matter is that it has also become a normal part of people’s sex lives. And there’s nothing wrong with that. I imagine that a lot of non-famous folks engage in the exact same behaviour. It’s exciting, it’s risqué, and if (consensually) sending someone a photo of your naked body gets you off, then more power to you.

So here’s the issue. You have this class of people (celebrities) who are somehow not supposed to engage in a particular form of sexual behaviour, who receive criticism for this exact behaviour. How is this anything other than slut shaming? Sure, these women are higher-profile targets, but still: the problem here isn’t them, it’s the hackers who keep invading their privacy. I don’t really think I’ve seen anyone come out and condemn them, at least nowhere near as often as I’ve seen the women chastised for having taken such photos in the first place. It’s a little to close for my taste to the people who accuse women who dress provocatively as being at fault if they’re raped. The problem isn’t them, it’s the people who are engaging in illegal activities in the first place.

So how about next time this happens, instead of saying “Well, they should have known better than to take nude photos of themselves” we come together and say “Man, those hackers sure are assholes for invading someone’s privacy, especially in such an extremely intimate way.” Imagine how it would feel to have pictures of your naked body plastered (unwillingly) all over the Internet and ask yourself whether you would be more mad at yourself for engaging in normal sexual behaviour, or mad at the douchebags who did it to you.

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