Update on Minecraft-Zelda

It’s been about a year since I first posted about my recreation of Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past in Minecraft. Wanted to give you an update.

The overworld map is basically done.

Gerudo Desert, the Great Swamp, the Orchard.

Lake Hylia, the Eastern Palace, Hyrule Castle and Link’s House.

Lost Woods and Karkariko Village.

Death Mountain.

Zora’s Domain.

The Dark World is basically done:

Village of Outcasts, Skull Woods and the Golden Pyramid.

Misery Mire, Swamp Palace, Ice Lake and the Dark Palace.

Dark Death Mountain, Agahnim’s Tower and Turtle Rock.

Even the interiors of all the dungeons are all done, such as:

Castle Prison.

The Sanctuary.

Turtle Rock Dungeon.

… and more, but there’s too many to show.

Currently I’m in the process of coding all of the dungeon switch-based puzzles, teleporters (using command blocks from the upcoming snapshot) and trying to finalize the last few items that don’t have good equivalents in Minecraft (such as the boomerang or magic cape). Most of the items have been placed in chests and stuff, including apples as heart pieces, emeralds as rupees, bow, arrows, bottles, etc…

Demo for the glass switch blocks that you can toggle up and down.


Map for the inventory to place items in chests, etc…


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