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Legal Ramifications for Bullying

I don’t really have too much to say on this one… I’m kind of emotionally drained by the Reteah Parsons and Aurrie Pott incidents as well as the knowledge that these are not merely two isolated cases, they just happen to have gone extremely mainstream in the media.

Anyways, I want to throw this out there and hopefully see what people have to say about it. It’s an idea that I haven’t heard expressed anywhere else.

If it can be demonstrated that a person who took their own life did so (either directly or in part) because of a campaign of harassment and/or bullying; the harassers and bullies should be charged with homicide.

I think in a situation like this there’s a heavy backlash against the perpetrators: “If I could get my hands on them I would beat them to a pulp” or “I hope they get a taste of their own rape-medicine in prison”. I’m trying to avoid coming at this from that point of view. Realistically, shouldn’t there be legal consequences for people who drive other people to suicide?

To change the culture, we need to have the tools to do so, and the calm and level head of the law ought to be one of those tools. Maybe that can start here?